From Maiden to Mother

I already feel the shift of motherhood. 

I feel an intense urge to protect my small family, which includes myself. I have a very low tolerance for bullshit surrounding me. It is my responsibility now to to sift through the things that are actually needed in my life, and those that are wasteful. That includes physical possessions, relationships and connections, and useless worries. 

(Maybe this is the nesting phase that I’ve heard so much about at the very start of the second trimester! Which would come in handy because we have about 25 days to pack and move!)

I’m really loving the maternal instinct that’s kicking in. It’s very empowering. I mean, I’m making a HUMAN. From scratch. 

My focus is shifting from the maiden perspective to mother. Where once my interests were in going out to get drunk, indulge in self-destructive activities, and overall just being “my age,” I find that now I am constantly finding ways in my everyday life to better myself as a significant other, as a mother, and as a person in whole. 

I’ve always felt the “feminine divine” within me, but it seems to really be multiplying with each day that passes. My growing bump serves as a wonderful reminder of my resilient and loving nature. I’m so excited to delve into motherhood even more and unfold my true power! 

Although I do have to say, I do miss the taste of my favorite IPA. But I’ll just have to wait.


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