Polyamory for the Win

I am in love with two people, and life is pretty god damn, fucking wonderful.

I don’t have the attention span to even write a long, detailed post about this, but I wanted to share because I’m happy. I NEED to share this happiness with someone.

My girlfriend, who I’ve been with for 2 ½ beautiful years has COMPLETELY shocked me and was willing to open our relationship up.

My boyfriend is just stupid amazing. Amazing.

They’re close, too. And it’s great.

God dammit. I’m so grateful for everything right now. I’m grateful that I love these two incredible human beings and that they love me just the same. I LOVE feeling loved.

(The sex is pretty fucking intense, too. Just saying. Don’t you worry, I’ll be writing some nifty poems about that.)

I truly feel that this experience with our relationship has confirmed my belief that I am polyamorous. It is a wonderful feeling being out.

Oh- and I LOVE introducing them in public. People flip their lids. “What?! You’re dating both?! You can do that?!”

Yeah, I’m happy. What the fuck is this?


PPS- THEY ARE SO FUCKING CUTE TOO!!! All 3 of us are cute as hell together!!!! AH! I love being in love. AHHHH


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