and then I was a Stripper

One day I just decided that I wanted to audition at a strip club. There was really no thought process behind it. I just suddenly wanted to. I called the club that day and asked when I could come in for an audition. I spoke with the general manager of the club. He was amazing and was completely professional on the phone. He eased my mind about the audition itself and assured me that his club was one worth working for.

On a Tuesday evening I headed out to the club with my make up done and heels ready. As soon as I got there, the bouncer let me in. I met with the manager briefly. He showed me to the dressing rooms, told me to get ready, to pick two songs and get on stage. So, there I was live on stage.

Darling Nikki- Foo Fighters
More Than Human- Rob Zombie

Well, I’ve done this before. Back in 2010 when I was in college, I briefly danced. I don’t remember too much of it due to heavy drug use and a psychotic break (go figure). You can imagine how surprised I was with my muscle memory. The audition went well and he hired me on the spot. I worked that same night.

Tonight will be my third night working. I thoroughly enjoy it, actually. I mostly love the dancing aspect. It’s a fantastic workout and it’s a challenge for me.

It’s not as dirty as most people think it is. A lot of the men that got there are just really lonely. I talked to a couple guys and they were pretty real with me. I can see that a lot of strippers become therapists for these guys. Our opinions are moot. We’re just sounding boards and eye candy.


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