Loving Blahpolar


I am speechless.

We have lost a wonderful human being- an amazing writer, mental health advocate, and friend.

Blahpolar, my heart is heavy with the news. You and I had just exchanged email letters a few weeks ago. You cared. You inspired me to be a better writer, to push the envelope. You told me to hold my head high and to “fuck all the asshats” in my way. When I went absent from my daily blogging, you personally wrote me to ensure I was safe. My friend, a world away, though I didn’t even know your last name, I learned about YOU.

*lights cigarette and sits next to you*



Join us in honoring our friend on National Suicide Prevention Day



4 thoughts on “Loving Blahpolar

  1. ladymigraine365 says:

    Oh NO.

    I’ve seen some of your interactions with her in comments. She was bright and kind and funny. Loving. So very sad she finally lost her fight against the insidious creep, the black hole.

    Love and respect to you, blahpolar. *Bows head. Sucks on vape pen.* and I am so sorry for your loss Lazarus. ❤️ I’ll stop by on the 10th too.

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