Therapy Made Me Smile

I feel fantastic. I love when I have good therapy sessions!!


I am continuously realizing my own strength and will power. I am so cool!!! I’ve been through so much shit in my life- I mean REAL shit, real trauma- but I’ve come out of it. I’ve come out as a good person and loving person. I’m not calloused. I am optimistic, resilient, caring, loving and bright.

I’m really proud of myself for making huge improvements! I’m really admiring every aspect of myself right now. I don’t need anyone’s approval or praise. I am more than enough.

I CAN handle my past. I CAN handle my present. I CAN handle anything that comes my way. I can love everyone and help them if I want to. I can choose what hurts me and what doesn’t.

I am not a prisoner of my prior mistakes. I am a survivor.

I am no longer afraid of the monsters from my history. I can be assertive and firm when it comes to my personal integrity because I deserve happiness.

Love and forgiveness are stronger than hate and anger. I am pouring out my heart and loving vibrations to the universe and am receiving it in return.

There are a lot of people in my life who love me and I am strengthening more of those friendships every day. There are people in my life who are happy to see me happy! Who make me feel amazing and powerful!

Ahhhh….. I’m just so happy about my life right now. So many doors opening, so many lessons and experiences. Everything is falling into place.

Thank you for reading!!!


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