Growing Pains

*blows dust off of blog*

Media interviews
Big life changes
Personal growth
blah blah blah

Lucy is back and well. I kind of missed her. Okay, I missed her a lot and I was worried. But she’s okay.

Jumper is a name I haven’t heard in a while. He moved into the system house a while ago… I wouldn’t necessarily categorize him as an alter. Interestingly enough, he is the only male in the system. I saw him in the hallway this morning. He looked a bit strung out and preoccupied.

I think I mentioned this already- I was contacted for an interview with a UK media group. I’ve been working with them for a couple months now answering questions, having Skype meetings, etc. So that’s going well. We’ll see.

I’ve been hanging out with friends a lot more now and gaining my support group. It makes me really, super happy to know that I have genuine people who care about my well being and who are also sober and sane. It makes a huge difference.

Life changes and personal growth. I keep coming up with these huge realizations about myself. More specifically, I’ve come to terms that I have quite a martyrdom syndrome… meaning I sacrifice my own personal mental health and well being in order to make others “happy” and comfortable. I would rather soak up everyone’s pain and discomfort. The more I wake up, however, the more I’m realizing that it’s not healthy for me OR the people I care about.

I hate being an adult sometimes. I hate being responsible. *crawls into a fort to color*

Life sure is a trip. So many things have changed in the month alone. It’s difficult and challenging, but that’s what all good lessons are comprised of, aren’t they?


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