Comments from Readers

I was going through my emails from my website and came across some really moving comments people had written me. I wanted to include some in here.

Thank you for reading, always!  ❤

about a month ago- my doctor diagnosed me with bipolar and ocd…but that was before I told her about the hallucinations
i have on and off auditory hallucinations which are absolutely horrifying and i thought the voices would be mad if I told anyone about them
after a lot of back and forth debating in my mind, i did end up telling my therapist about the hallucinations and she now believes i have schizoaffective disorder

these last few weeks have been pretty gnarly…but it is really comforting to know that everything i’ve been going through is legitimate and i’m not just straight up crazy hahaha.
the psychiatrist that i’ve been seeing has prescribed me lamictal but i’m hesitant to take it because im really scared that it would turn me into a ‘zombie’ and take away my creative ability
i find sanctuary in poetry and art and if i lost those outlets i dont know what id do..
the main reason i’m contacting you is to thank you
i’ve watched your videos, and it is extremely comforting to see such a well adjusted beautiful girl able to handle exactly what i’m going through
for the first time in my whole mental health rollercoaster, i finally have hope…
 i cant even begin to put into words how much that means to me.
thank you — from the bottom of my heart.
I diagnosed with schizoaffective and dissociative identity disorder.

I read some of your blogs, viewed your videos on youtube, and they so inspired me..

you helped me come out to my family about my mental health. Thank you for sharing your story. You have changed my life.
Hey, I watched your video and was touched.. I was diagnosed with DID 3 years ago. I’ve been struggling a lot with accepting it for what it is. You are very brave. You have opened my eyes a lot to what DID is. I showed my husband your blog and now he is grasping my situation, as well as me.
wow! i thought i was alone with this!!! everything you explained is what Im going thru right now! Im so happy to have come across your website!

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