Public Question- What is Your Favorite Thing About Having DID?

It’s not all bad. Real answers by real systems:

“5 tickets to the movies for the price of one.”

“You and your friends can get into a concert on the cheap. You can fit eight people on a motorcycle. You can visit landmarks and natural wonders and always have someone there to share the experience with. You have someone to talk to on long road trips. You’re probably never going to have to serve a whole jail sentence. You can cheat on tests and no one will be the wiser. You’ve always got someone to offer a fresh perspective on a situation. You can’t ever get too lonely since you’re never alone. Having a kid around makes you more aware of your bad habits. You have a whole team of people with different dispositions and talents on your side to tackle any situation.”

“I don’t really have many friends in the outer world so having at least 2 people always around to talk to and spend time with is nice.”

“I don’t get lonely or bored as often as singular people, at least it seems that way.

There’s always someone with an idea about something, if I’m out of ideas; all I have to do is ask.

Now that I have some co-consciousness, I never lose touch with the little-kid perspective, and this helps me to be a better mother to my son.

I can take a rest from life when I really need to.”

“There’s always someone to talk to, and they’re actually funny to listen to.

I listen in on conversations and crack up. They come up with the silliest things people would say. I’m always laughing. Sometimes it’s hard to not bust out laughing.”


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