Throwback Thursday- Blog Entry from 2004- Cringe Warning

Monday, October 4th

Yawn, just gotz hyper!! me listening to UNCHAINED MELODY!!! i’m all alone in da houze. so sad, heehee so loneli. lol JOSE CAN’T TYPE FOR SHMUTIN! lol. jk jk. but its kinda tru. i hafta correct ppls errors, unless they use the CL (Chat Language) i get so frustrated!!! teehee. im such a PLAZTIC!!! BRUNETTEZ!!!! wit da shoppin bag, shoez, lipstick, blush, n da cuteness!!! MALIBU GIRLIE!! WHOO!n e wayz yeah. sigh, i gotz hw to do. but hey, guess whut? MI FISHIE STILL ALIVE!! kuz i got him sunday. n usually carnival fishies only live bout 5 days. kinda sad.   but ya. hw hw hw!!! so i gotta go. stay sweet. LOVES YA!

Wednesday, October 6th

Halo!   im juss sittin here, bored outta mi head.  i went to da carnival!! (almost threw up. it was still so fun!! and i got hyper!!  i saw alot o ppl dat i knew too. soooo tired, ima die. lol itz like 3:35 righ now. boooooooring.i have lyke so much hw!! o, n spread the darn rumor dat me n matthew got together. maybe that’ll stop the rumor bout….nvm. lol . but ya. hey lookie lookie!! its caffenated torii!!: : hee hee. hey hey hey! SHOUT OUTZ!!!

i wub mai fwends….meggy, samanimie, deedee, n robi!! xoxox!!

N i wub mai doggies!!!

i gotz ta go, hw n chats n stuff. well. bi bi!!!






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