She had emerged from a seemingly empty pocket
Of nothing. Suddenly, there, amidst the crowd of
Wide-pupilled, pill-popping people
She jumped happily up and down,
eyes closed, hair tussled.
Everything became very quiet in his mind
Until the roaring electronic, mechanic music
Became a stagnant lull swimming in the space
Between the ears.
Uncomfortably aware of the flow of his breath,
He stood in surveillance of this creature…
Hands in the air, twirling, hips melodically swaying
To some unearthly rhythm.
Then, her eyes opened.
Bursts of hot embers exploded all over his
Back, shoulders, arms, legs.
She smiled for a moment. But it wasn’t
Really a smile. It was more of a
Small acknowledgement that he was staring,
That he had been entranced.
As if to say, thank you for noticing me,
Her eyelashes fell to the floor
And lifted to stretch her sight across the crowd
Of lights, and people, and drinks in hands.
The right corner of her lip curled. Eyes shut again.
The lull grew back to sound, to music, to rhythm.
“You alright?” a voiced shouted towards him.
He spun halfway around to meet eyes with his friend.
Shouting louder over the clamor, “Are you okay?”
He nodded, almost as if to convince himself.
He turned, she was gone.



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