Dumplings and Tattoos, In That Order

Just a small update…

Everything is going well right now. I feel pretty stable, save the occasional movie-feeling, but even that isn’t bad at all. My girlfriend strapped into her mood swing safety harness yesterday; I was swinging just a little bit throughout the morning.

My irritability was swiftly demolished, however, because we went out for dumplings. Dumplings put me in a fantastic mood. And boba. 

Behold! Pork dumplings! 

Afterwords, we fucked around for a while and her roommate, or shall I say friend (because she’s awesome and is MUCH more than a roommate) came over to my house and us lot scampered off to a tattoo parlour. She and my girlfriend braved new ink- it was my girlfriend’s very first EVER and I was SO proud of her. Welcome to the club, babes. 

And I got my septum pierced!

Fantastic day. I am currently laying beside my beloved sleepy head. 

Happy Sunday, wordpressers. 


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