On a Diary Entry, June 06, 2009

I went to bed at like 8:00 last night. and im still tired. -__-
i LOVED the phone call i got last night. that was funny. i also love my family. they are so LOVING and SUPPORTIVE. and they stick by me no matter what . . . theyre just great.

lol i think its funny to a degree. and how my godfather goes on and on about how i “accused” him of this, and how im the ONLY one in the world that knows what happened…uhhhh…ask the actual guy that was at my house 4 nights a week.

boo. lame.

sorry if im venting, im just really upset about this right now. this is ridiculous. i shouldnt have to prove myself, you know? when someone – especially a 17 year old girl – comes out with this kind of thing, you usually believe her. but no. he COULDNT have done that. oh no. not michael. no no god forbid….

and the other funny thing is how my godfather doesnt want me there cuz HE’S gonna be there. but all this time i was forced to let HIM into my home. he ate at my table, he came into MY room. i had to treat him just like everyone else, and yet i cant go to a graduation? really? okay thanks

sigh. ive spent a long time keeping silent worrying that it would hurt the family, worrying that i would break their hearts, but it turns out they dont even believe me. that is ridiculous. i spent all that time going out of my mind for nothing. i should have said something the night after it happened. whatever. they still probably wouldnt have believed me.

i am officially disowning my family. i swear ill even change my last name. i do NOT want to be traced to them, associated, affiliated, even in the same vicinity . sorry if that sounds bad.

i want somebody to care about me for once in my life. to have MY back and to be by my side, you know?


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