The Girl in the Fur Coat

She walked in rather flamboyantly,
The girl in the fur coat.
Her hair was dirty blonde with strips
And wisps of earthy brown.
She was the type of girl that
Would have or should have, or
Probably had, green eyes.
It was too dark in the cramped up bar.
She had small little rips in her black
Stockings, running up her thighs.
The girl in the fur coat smiled
Vivaciously, knowing that everyone in
The room was looking at her, yet
Didn’t seem to give a damn either.
As she ate the cherry from her drink
I took a swig of tequila.
The room was hot.
My dear old friend was talking to me
About some legal shit,
And I took a bite into my lime.
The girl in the fur coat spun around
Wildly, as if she was drunk by something
Other than alcohol.
When she sang, it bellowed from a
Recess in her chest- a sound she procured
After heart-breaks and shower sessions.
I could feel the bass exploding inside my organs.
I took another shot and thought,
“I’ve gotta get a coat like that.”


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