Rehearsals and Recall

I am doing pretty great today so far. Tonight I start rehearsals for the play. I’m a bit nervous, mostly to make new friends. Even though I really like being social, I still get super nervous beforehand.

I still feel the slightest sense of that movie-like feeling, but it’s not that intense at all. Yesterday, I had waves of “snapping to” moments. I felt like I had an hour delay on any kind of registration of what I was doing, or even where I was. Although I was predominately in an awesome mood yesterday, I just felt kind of fuzzy. I also kept experiencing deja vu  quite a bit.

Then, about twice during the day, I hit intense lonely feelings, wanting to cry, wanting to punch a wall. Mood swings. Thankfully, they came and went without too much notice.

This week is going to be very busy; work is picking up with a lot of responsibilities, my uncle and his wife are back in town, rehearsals have started, and I have to find time between all of this to relax and stay grounded. Even though I know I have a lot on my plate, I’m glad that I don’t feel super manic, like I can’t stop.

At the very most, I feel irritable. I think that just comes with the territory at work, though. I want to be left alone to focus on my work.


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