An evangelist, spoken in broken words
Of which we heard, but seldom listened.
This ruby sarcophagus cradles you like the child
You were, breathless and sleepy from your royal fight.
Tonight, the sirens blare in your absence- long absence.
Your brother, your mother, your father.
This blood.
This ghost.
A monument of ashes is being birthed.
Marble and gold carry your body-
So simple in theory. Your hands and heart
Have made it through the fire, in the end.
Walk through the fire.
You were never meant for the ground.
I remember long, sincere nights of frustrated pleas.
I’ve been there before, on the high tethered rope.
Though, I admit, I never thought you’d take that plunge.
Twenty-nine years of love, life, learning, losing, laughter,
lighting up our lives.
Where have you gone?
Can I send you a letter?
I remember car rides with you, sharing
Our stories and sharing our regrets.
I had not thought of myself as the priest at that time-
The confession-keeper.
My love, my friend, you are forgiven
Of every particle of guilt you have felt:
guilt for feeling sad, helpless, alone, different,
you are forgiven.
Rest now. Rest in the blue light.
This is your new beginning.
Run with the horses.

We love you.
We love you.


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