California Christ

I am currently sitting in my car I’m a cemetery, drinking a cappuccino while listening to the steady hum of a large lawn mower.

This is my second morning that I’m spending here. Of course I would find peace and happiness among thousands of long-gone people.

Yesterday was my “first day back at work”- rather anti-climatic. I walked into human resources greeted by quasi-surprised faces. My boss stood up to hug me, said I look much better and that I look brighter. Long story short, they weren’t ready for me. My temporary was still at my desk, they didn’t know what to do with her…so they sent me home with pay. I am also out again today.

So, to celebrate my last day of freedom, I decided to take ourselves on an impromptu adventure. Our morning began at the cemetery. I’ve forgotten how much I enjoy mausoleums. And these particular buildings were breathtaking. 

After a couple hours of walking around, I went to the San Fernando Mission. I thoroughly love the missions in California. 

Then, after all THAT, I went to my final little museum of the San Fernando Valley, where I received a personal tour from a cute old man who knew so much about the history.

I have returned this morning to the cemetery to see the Hall of Crucifixion Resurrection.

I shall update when I return home!


One thought on “California Christ

  1. cavellemartin says:

    Beautiful photos! I can see how it would be peaceful to visit a cemetery 🙂 I’m glad you are doing well. Going back to work after a leave is definitely anti-climatic as you say. I hope the transition back goes well. Sending good vibes your way 🙂


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