Too Exhausted to Think of a Clever Title

Happy news! My grandmother turns 91 years young today! She will be traveling back to California from New Mexico tomorrow and I’m very excited to be celebrating with her.

This workweek has been a living hell. We are delivering lay offs, 7 to be exact. 2 of which got the guillotine last Friday. More to come over the course of 3 weeks. Emotions have been intense with coworkers. People are walking on eggshells in apprehension of being the next one to be let go. It’s also just been very stressful as the workload has increased and dispersed throughout departments unequally. Stress, stress, stress.

Lucky for me, I get focus on my girlfriend’s upcoming birthday to completely take my mind off of work during the weeknights.

I’ve restrung my guitar, have been writing a lot more poetry, and have been making a lot of progress on the book I’m reading, The Dissociative Identity Disorder Sourcebook. All to keep busy! I had a little slip up this past weekend on Father’s Day.

Then, yesterday, I was talking to my mom. Her husband was out of the room. She asked me how I was, how Sunday was for me. I don’t know WHY I decided to confide in this woman about this particular area in my life, but I did. I said I was okay, but that I felt really triggered. Then she began to tell me how wonderful it would feel to get high. My phone lost reception at that moment- probably God telling me to take it easy. I didn’t bother calling her back.

Two more days. Two more days and I will be sipping Vodka Redbulls in Las Vegas with my beautiful girlfriend by my side.


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