Pride and Prejudice

The weekend has come and gone with a bang. It was a fantastic one. Yesterday, my girlfriend, her roommate, and I went to LA Pride… we all had such a great time. I got a bit of a sunburn from being topless throughout the festival- go me!- but it was worth it. The energy was so fun and radiated with love and acceptance. Best Sunday.

Before we left the festival, my uncle called me to let me know he doesn’t want my girlfriend spending the night. “That shit doesn’t fly with our generation…” He lectured me a bit for 5 minutes, threatening that if I lie to him and have her spend the night, he will personal fly out to California to pack my bags… “It’s nothing against you or your girlfriend, we just can’t have that lifestyle in the house.”

Which…. fine. I get it. You’re old fashioned, Catholic, and apparently not as open-minded (or hearted) as you once claimed yourself to be. What really got to me, and excuse me for beating a dead horse, but why the fuck is my lifestyle so wrong when you allow my RAPIST to not only exist in the family, but actively exist in family gatherings, graduations, Sunday night hang outs, birthdays… why, why, why?

My uncle said, “Your grandma and aunt don’t need to know about this or your preference.” Why not? My grandmother is like my mother. Why shouldn’t she know? Am I supposed to hide myself and my feelings forever just to “protect” her? My grandmother has seen a lot worse things in her life than her granddaughter being in love with a woman. I would rather my grandma live the rest of her life (she’s 91) KNOWING that I’m happy with a woman than her THINKING one day I’ll be happy with a man. The truth. I just want truth now. I want to fill my life with nothing but truth.

Other than that last shitty part of the night, everything else was phenomenal.

I have an appointment with my therapist in 3 hours. I’m anxious and excited to tell her about my recent conversations and interactions with Goldie and Dee.


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