Dee and Purple Inked Hair

Diedra, Dee, is 15, almost 16.

Popular, creative, rambunctious, curious, adventurous and vivacious. She has a good heart, but has an insatiable curiosity for subtle self destruction. 

Dee is an overall good kid. She is coming into her own. She wants to be liked and she yearns to be the life of the party. She’s very sweet and rarely gets angry. She is also very naive and impressionable. 

She enjoys shopping, party planning, baking, and road trips.

Dee is a bit chubby. She is with me more often than you think. 

She craves the outside world and wants to be out more. 

Allie doesn’t know much about Dee as doesn’t really have a say on her. We don’t perceive any threats from her. 

On an unrelated note, my girlfriend dyed my hair!



10 thoughts on “Dee and Purple Inked Hair

    • lazarusandlithium says:

      Thanks! She’s pretty nifty!

      Yes ma’am- it’s been a ride. I’ve been seeing a therapist that specializes in DID. I’ve seen her almost 6 times now. She’s great. I’ve written about it here and there. I blame rehabilitating from the drugs; my coping mechanisms flew out the window and I think now I’m scrambling to figure out how the hell im going to deal with all these memories.

      Therapy is no vacation 😦

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