A Relevent Mental Health Question for 200 Followers

6 am, check my phone, check my notifications- 200 followers!!! Thank you for actually reading my blog and being so helpful to me! This is such a fantastic support network. Thank you.

Something that is on my mind…I have a question for anyone who would like to throw their opinion on here. On the subject of mental illness, how do you feel when someone equalizes it to another illness?

Specifically with Schizoaffective, Bipolar Type in my case: those of you have SAD, is it “okay” for someone to also call it Schizophrenia? If I have Schizoaffective Disorder, is it appropriate for me to say “I have Schizophrenia. I have Bipolar Disorder” as two separate illnesses? Why or why not?

I may be totally wrong, I’m not sure- as far as I understand my Glitter Rainbow Imagination, I have Schizoaffective Disorder, which is on the spectrum of Schizophrenia, however, it is not correct of me to go so far as to say, “I have Schizophrenia.” Two completely different disorders, correct?


12 thoughts on “A Relevent Mental Health Question for 200 Followers

  1. A Journey With You says:

    Well, I have paranoid schizophrenia (was incorrectly diagnosed at one time with bipolar and another time with schizoaffective disorder). I think the main difference in our diagnosis, beyond the paranoia of course, is that I don’t need to be treated for my moods. I primarily have a thought disorder. My moods are relatively stable. I’m no expert though! 🙂


  2. itsjustme1986 says:

    My two cents worth is this, as long as you feel comfortable and know what it is why the hell not! I call myself a functioning depressive! Probably not a term in the medical dictionary but its how i feel x

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  3. kbailey374 says:

    I thought that w/ schizoaffective disorder the bipolarish aspects are part of the diagnosis. My brother has schizoaffective disorder and I was blessed to experience one of his manic episodes last summer. It was not fun for him. He was up to Maine from FL for a little vacation – 3 hospitalizations, a car accident (totalled), and one arrest. This was all in 3 weeks. He has been doing great since w/ monthly haldol injections plus whatever they prescribed by mouth.


  4. aunttabbi says:

    My doctor says they are “cousins” to one another, but when she told me that I was schizoaffective she made sure for me to know that it was not schizophrenia. But I think whatever you are comfortable with is fine. I get those strange looks when I say schizoaffective disorder, because it is not as commonly known as schizophrenia. Good question.


  5. sunsetdragon says:

    Whatever you are comfortable with is what matters. I have PTSD, OCD and a bunch of social and anxiety disorders. I also dissociate from the past quite well til something comes up and bites m in the butt in the form of a memory and it alcove back.
    I just tell people I am a survivor with some left overs.
    Have a good week end.


  6. NeverBeNormalAgain says:

    My psychiatrist has been very careful not to give me any sort of ‘schiz…’ diagnosis, and actually I am very greatful for this.

    I’ve also been reading a website called http://www.schizophreniebestaatniet.nl/en/ which I found looking deeper into my private study of psychosis.

    I know people who have had diagnoses change depending on their doctor – it is all so subjective that I think an open mind is best.

    If being labelled makes people happy, great – as humans we naturally ‘tribe’ but for me I think the mind is too complex and too fluid to be placed in a box.

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  7. Heathers Helpers says:

    Personally I do not let people use the wrong diagnoses for me. I have C-PTSD and DID. Comparing me with someone with other issues is not fair to either of us. Then again, I consider myself an advocate so gently sharing knowledge is just what I do.
    I’ve been poking around your blog a bit and will read even more. Keep writing!!!

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