The Danger Nextdoor

My anxiety level today: 8
My depression level today: 4
My craving level today: 7
Med compliant? No
Goal for today? To stay sober and safe

I’m a little worried about myself. My lithium runs out tonight. I’ll be alright on my Seroquel for another 3 nights. I booked an appointment for Thursday with a new psych, so hopefully I’ll get a refill then.

I’m pretty sure it’s just anxiety because my auditory hallucinations have been kicking in more than usual. I have to stop and really access my surroundings to make sure that I’m hearing correctly, if that makes sense.

I miss group. I miss having that structure and the freedom to talk candidly about my mental health and whatever was going on in my life at that moment, or talking about cravings to self harm or use drugs. Like last night for example, I was Intervention with my cousin. The new episode revolved around a girl who was using heroin. Maybe I’m just in a vulnerable state of mind, but I started craving it so badly. I almost felt as if my eyes dilated. I wish I could erase part of my memory.

I’m happy moving back into my old stomping grounds. I just wish I could not have the knowledge of nearby dealers around me. I know I have to take my safety into my own hands. I’m an adult. I need to be strong, move forward, and consider the awful consequences if I were to falter and fuck up now- this far into my recovery.

I think moving into the house is also stirring up a lot of past trauma.

I keep suppressing the memories of my cousin, mostly….him having me pinned to the floor in the dining room, taking a knife to chest by the back porch, his hand over my mouth on my old bed, blood and spit spilling onto the kitchen floor… It starts flooding back. It’s just something I have to live with and get through.

I guess I’m using this blog today as a bucket to purge my feelings into: anxious, weak, sick, symptomatic, craving heroin. I also have the constant feeling that my body isn’t connecting to where I am spatially.

As I always say, I’m tough, I’ll get through it.


3 thoughts on “The Danger Nextdoor

  1. kbailey374 says:

    I don’t “like” this because it sounds horrible 😦

    How do you know about the lithium, that you will be ok for three days? just curious.

    Was interested to read because your initial check in sounded like my outpatient hospital check in – the format they use.

    I am so sorry for what you are going through. Especially the flashbacks! One of the things about being strong is that it means you don’t test yourself. You have the courage to say no to old “playgrounds.” I know that is an awful word. Just trying to say I care and I am worried about you.

    That little vid made me crave cigarettes lol.

    keep blogging, I need to know you are ok. (((big tight ugs!!!)))

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    • lazarusandlithium says:

      Thank you thank you for your concern. I truly appreciate it. The seroquel I’ll be okay for three days because that’s what I have left on my script. I lowered my lithium dosage to make it stretch a bit- at least until Thursday, which is when I have my appt with the psychiatrist

      Liked by 1 person

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