Attempted Murder Next Door

I live next door to a survivalist TV celebrity, Michelle. Michelle is married to Hewson. If you follow my blog, Hewson is the shaman I’ve mentioned before.

Alright, keep that in mind.

I have a friend named Etch. He is a struggling artist. Etch is currently going through a nasty divorce with Heather, who just happens to be absolutely crazy. I actually mean CRAZY. She is trying to claim 50% of Etch’s profit from his artwork.

Etch’s uncle recently passed away and left him over $70,000. Heather is trying to claim half of this money. Are you following me?

Hewson, Michelle and Etch are all long time friends. Nobody likes Heather, with good reason. However, Michelle REALLY does not like Heather. She goes out of her way to make Heather’s life miserable whenever she possibly can. Note- Heather lives next door to our apartment complex.

Yesterday, Michelle saw Heather on the street outside of our complex and began screaming profanities at her. After this incident, Etch approached Hewson and asked him to talk to Michelle; the divorce was already difficult enough. He didn’t want to cause more problems with Heather.

Well, I suppose Hewson and Michelle got into a really heated argument (they have fights almost nightly, verbal and physical). Michelle broke a glass, mixed it into Hewson’s dinner, and fed it to him.

Michelle fed him GLASS.

Then, when he realized there was glass in it, he refused to eat it. Michelle grabbed the food and smeared it into Hewson’s face.

He is now in Urgent Care.

Never a dull day.


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