Suppression, Smiles, and Seroquel Slurs

Tomorrow is my first therapy appointment and I’m pretty excited about it. I emailed my boss at work letting him know that I’ll be taking a much longer lunch than usual because I had a doctor’s appt. He called me into the office, asking if this was a one time thing, of if my “condition still exists.”

My friend called me last night. He was my very first friend when I was admitted into PHP, and he’s been my friend since. He’s out of state now enrolled in a different PHP program. I was really happy to hear from him.

Today, I feel vaguely nostalgic- as if I’m living in my early teen hood body. I don’t know if it’s the weather, or what is happening. I just feel very different, again.

The seroquel is making me exponentially groggier in the morning. I stumbled out of said bed today and whammed my leg against my bathroom door. I hope I get used to it soon!

I’m going to go see my grandma this weekend. I’m actually very nervous because my cousin- the one that molested me for months and months when I was 12- is going to be at the house. So, I’ll have to suppress that a much as possible Maybe that’s why I have this ultra odd nostalgic, weird, fuzzy feeling. Not sure. Silver linings, I’m happy to see my grandma and my other cousin, who I really love.


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