5 Stupid Things We Assume About Depression And Suicide

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Whenever I find an article about suicide, I’ll read it, consider it, and then immediately bolt to the comments section to watch the inevitable stupidity and vitriol of the internet unfold before me in real-time. Preferably with a bag of popcorn. It’s virtually the last hot-button topic that everyone does their best to NEVER use logic when addressing, which is simultaneously entertaining and deeply disturbing. The assumptions we make about suicide are so incredibly reflective of why fatal depression in America continues to be such a huge problem. As a survivor of two attempts, I’m rather familiar with the archaic beliefs we have about it and their repercussions. Fortunately, we can start working to end them. Here are 5 things we finally need to stop assuming about suicide:

1. Failed attempts are all about “seeking attention”

It’s one of the most unfortunate and fucking ridiculous things I’ve ever heard…

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