Thousands of Miles from Sleep

No word from my mom today. I’ve called her, and nothing. My anxiety is beginning to sky-rocket.

I had hallucinated a bit this morning. It’s my own fault, though. I relapsed on the opiates and I’m sure that had a little (if not a lot) to do with it. I was so groggy this morning. I’ve been waking up groggy every morning, actually.

I feel a little off today, mostly because I’m exhausted. I fell asleep crying over my dad and tossed and turned worrying about my mom. I was worried for my own sanity, too.

It’s out of my hands. She’s thousands of miles away from me….I guess that doesn’t really help my anxiety!

Once I got home yesterday, I began to panic. So, I changed my clothes and flew out the door to see my girl friend. That definitely helped. She always makes me happy.

Nothing else to say, really!


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