Railroad- Original Poetry

Just as my masked marvel
Marched through my occluded delirium,
He began to interrogate my commitment.

Through skeptical; eyes
He sifted through my blue pills.
“Placebos” he called them

As they flew into
A black hole wreck.

Yet the wheels continued churning
As tried cogs
Somersaulted incessantly.

Tiny men on stilts
Laughed down at my dress.
My masked marvel twisted his head

Around and snapped their tiny
Jaws in two. They screamed and
Scrambled away on sad stilts.

His checkered gloved-hand
Stretched out slowly,
To gesture me close.

(My jester was arrogant
And royal at most.)

And off we walked into a concrete lake,
into a large cloudy cradle.

I want to purge blue.


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