Gloomy Laundry

I rolled out of bed at 1 am this morning and my body felt corpulent and unfamiliar. As I was falling back asleep, the voices grew louder and more incessant.

I had a dream where my boyfriend-pseudo-boyfriend was telling me that I was a worthless drug addict, I was inventing the hallucinations so I could get my hands on more pills, and that I should never have children because I’m insane.

I’m debating journeying to the local laundromat. The clouds are gloomy overhead, heavily suspended, teeming with well-prayed-upon rain. I may assemble a nest for myself here in my pjs. But, oh, the clothes….

Alright, I’ll muster up my motivation. Yesterday, I was on top of the world and wanted to tackle it all! Today, however, I am quietly holding my small space, observing the world around me.

I uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel. I’m hoping I’ll reel in some subscribers.

To the laundromat I go.


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