Red Straws

I want to write…although I feel as if I don’t have anything significant to write about today.

Actually, everything was pretty normal, for a Monday. The morning was a bit rocky, but I got over it quickly.

It’s almost midnight here and my body is tired, yet my mind is racing. It’s gradually getting louder right now, actually.

I’ve been binging on Supercrazylady21 on YouTube for the past couple of days. Oh my. I love her. I really do. She resonates with me.

I kind of fecked up today. I had a moment of, “Oh shit, I’m starting to feel unwell,” at work today and took a hit off of an inhalant. It was enough to get me pretty high for a minute or two. Then, I put the can down and decided I didn’t feel like going into a cardiac arrest just yet. Not today.

Sorry this is so short. I just feel out of it. I’m not really sure what I have to say. Maybe I’m just tired.


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