LeleleleLEIBSTER Award!

Hooray! I was nominated for the Leibster Award by Fractured – who by the way, is an awesome blogger. I feel I relate to her a lot, actually. So, thank you. ❤


  1. What’s the one song you can’t live without?
    Everlong by Foo Fighters, acoustic version
  2. Do you have a bad habit? If so, name it.
    Hmm… I can’t think of a bad habit I really have. I guess the first thing that comes to mind is I tend to hermit myself a lot. For instance, when people come to visit us at my apartment, I always would rather be alone in the bedroom. I don’t really like socializing anymore. Or maybe I do and I just go through my little episodes. I don’t know, but I feel like it’s something I have to work on.
  3. If you were a color, which hue would you be?
    I think I would be dark purple with little gold glitter flakes.
  4. If you could bring a fictional character to life, which one would you pick?
    Easy- Ice King from Adventure Time!
  5. Can you live without technology?
    I’d like to say yes- but in all reality, absolutely not. I use technology to communicate with my family a lot.
  6. What’s the worst food you’ve had? Describe its taste.
    Seaweed. Tastes like sea shit.
  7. What’s your main hobby?
  8. Do you have any of the stereotypes associated with your zodiac sign?
    I’m very intense, impulsive, and combative. Aries.
  9. Did you have a favorite stuffed animal when you were younger?
    Yes! He’s a stuffed dog in PJs and his name is Snoozy. I still have him!

I nominate bittersweettruth94, bipolar me, Madness & Truth Collide, My Wonderland, bipolar redefined  

My Questions for You:

1. What do you appreciate most about blogging?
2. What’s something you used to do and miss doing?
3. If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be?
4. Tell us something no one else knows about you.
5. What are you scared of?
6. What’s your favorite snack?
7. Drugs? Alcohol? If so, what do you indulge in?
8. Favorite childhood memory?
9. Least favorite childhood memory?
10. What do you wish you were doing right now?


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