Day 16 Through 19- 31 Days of Bipolar

  1. If you could plan the best possible treatment strategy for yourself, what would it look like?

I would like to find that magic balance of medication to stabilize my hallucinations. I would also want to find group therapy with people I could relate to and trust. I’d want writing to always be a part of my therapy. Also, settling down with a good counselor would benefit me for a monthly check in.

  1. If bipolar was a real thing or being, what would it look, sound and behave like?

I imagine it being this poofball of black, chalky, grimy fluff and wire. It would be very sad and aggressive, drawing blood at the ankles, then profusely apologizing in a pool of tears. The grime and black tar would get all over your clothes and skin, impossible to wash off. Sometimes, it even causes a rash. But deep down, I think the poofball really just needs someone to care for it. Even if it bites, makes awful noises, and looks scary at night time. I think the poofball wants to feel loved.

  1. If big pharma was actually listening, what would you say about bipolar meds?

Is there a way to work out the side effects? Also, do you really care about us getting better? Or are you in it for the money?

  1. What don’t people without bipolar understand about people with it?

It’s not something that you can turn off and on. It is painful, it’s frustrating, it’s humiliating. We’re not insane people either. We just have it a little bit tougher sometimes. We deal with things just a little bit different. No, we’re not doing it on purpose.


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