Cold Water

I am swimming just above hues of gloom and despondency, treading over an aquatic canyon just beneath my feet, half wishing someone would notice and throw me a rope to pull me to shore. The other half of me wants to float above the gargantuan chasm, and slowly empty my lungs until the ocean swallows my exhausted body into her.


I feel it creeping into me, permeating my veins with a familiar coolness, making me sick with melancholia…

Excuse my mod-kid monologue. I’m not quite depressed yet, but fuck do I feel the lull.

Anyways, you know what’s really getting to me? I miss my mom. I haven’t even met her yet, I mean besides at birth but I definitely don’t remember that. I miss her. I want my mom. I want to talk to her. I want to learn the way her perfume smells, and the different faces she makes when she laughs. I also just feel really alone and alienated from everyone.



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