Day 4- 31 Days of Bipolar

4. How do you feel about people who diagnose themselves online and then treat themselves for bipolar?

I feel that if someone was really mentally ill, not just limited to bipolar disorder, I don’t think that they would go online and self diagnose. Secondly, that’s not a true diagnoses. Comparing some symptoms to WebMD doesn’t qualify a person to diagnose. Not to mention, its dangerous. Seeing a qualified doctor is the only way to get better if something really is wrong.

I also feel that bipolar disorder is “glamorized” by the general public, at least in my generation. Not only glamorized, but wildly misunderstood. The term and illness are so loosely tossed around. Bipolar disorder seems to be equated with general, roller-coastering mood swings. For example, if someone is laughing one minute, the red-in-the-face angry the next, someone would call them bipolar.

I don’t see why anyone would want to have bipolar disorder or any other illness for that matter. In my opinion, self diagnosing online directly insinuates a desire to be ill. It’s no walk in the park. It’s not an easy diagnoses, either. (I was diagnosed 8 years after I had first been hospitalized.) It is a life-long illness that requires understanding, work, love, acceptance, and yes, money.

As far as malingerers go, I really feel that they paint us in the most negative light, further spreading ignorance every where they walk. All around, self-diagnosing is just bad news. Just don’t.


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