Miracle Springs

Today was a long day, to say the least.
I am currently writing a new post from a hotel room in the desert. We came up here for a night to bathe in the hot spring pools. I must admit, I am glad I came. I didn’t want to leave my house at first.
It seems that when everyone is very loud, I don’t want to be around anyone or anything that is unfamiliar to me. I want everything to be safe. Especially since I’m getting to know Micah, I just wanted to stay home and seclude myself in my bedroom. I almost feel like a student. I’m studying this new topic and I must learn everything there is to know about this before the final comes up.
Yet, I still packed my bag and got ready to go. It’s interesting, on the way here, I was sitting in the backseat of the Mustang and I felt an overwhelming sense of sadness. I can only describe it as a homesickness. I saw myself outside of my own body, depressed and sick. My boyfriend grabbed my hand and I felt like such a sorry case. My mind began racing and I thought, “Will I ever get better?”
I started to cry, then suddenly, Celia reached out and lifted my chin. She had never tried to comfort me before. She looked at me empathetically, she wanted to help me. And I let her. I began to feel better.
So, anyways, we’re here now at the hotel. When we got here, we went to this diner. It was very cozy. It had an 80s feel to it- pink and light greens. There was a bar attached to the diner with karaoke. I sang a few songs and was really enjoying myself!
Once we got back to the hotel, we hopped in the hot spring pools. Let me tell you, it’s just what I needed. I was able to let go and relax, finally. Now I’m laying down in bed, happily blogging.
I’m extremely exhausted! I think I’ll go to sleep now. I just wanted to check in and write a post.
Until tomorrow.,



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