Her name is Lilac.

Although she is gender fluid, she is predominately female. Contrary to her name, her hair is a deep red. Her skin is milky white.

She’s wise and witty with a bit of a bite. She gives advice and expects me to follow through with it, even if I don’t like the advice. I’m unsure as of right now, but I feel that she is related somehow to Allie.

Interesting how quickly Lilac came into my life. She introduced herself to me very matter-of-factly with confidence. Oh, yes it was the androgynous voice I heard. She just never left. Instead, she stayed with me and informed me she was in it for the long run. Are you sure, I asked. Lilac made this sweeping motion with her arm in affirmation. I’m really enjoying her presence. I find myself seeking guidance for decisions.

Another reason why I think Allie and Lilac are related: Allie doesn’t try to stop Lilac from speaking. She almost welcomes the conversation. Whereas, when Micah begins speaking, I feel Allie perk up, as if to be on high alert. She watches him closely with small eyes, telepathically warning him to watch where he steps.

Speaking of Micah, I’ve learned quite a lot about him, too. He also goes by Jeremiah. Although I’ve yet to witness this, Micah has the ability to shape-shift into a wolf. (This is interesting because the wolf is my spirit animal!) While Micah has an almost malicious aura about him and a not so great history of putting me down, I believe that if push came to shove, he’d be my true protector. Maybe he has a Jekyll and Hyde thing going on. Even last night, I felt him mocking the others, and mocking Allie. It made me feel really awful for her, actually.

She’s been sitting with me all day, quietly. She’s still upset from last night. Not necessarily with me, but she feels out of place. Although now she’s beginning to warm up. Today, she’s very, very quiet.

My endearing band of misfits grows from Allie to 5 total individuals, along with a few nameless others.

Another notable change: They have begun to call me Sibyl… Except for Allie, who has never called me anything at all- not even my real name. Lilac started it.



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