Steamed Carpet Thoughts

Yesterday was a helluva lot better. I was distracted for a good portion of the day. During the afternoon, there was a moment of, “oh fuck here it comes…” It lasted for a second. Although, the feeling of not being along lasted well until the end of the night.

I woke up around 2 am or so and got a glass of water. As I was laying there, staring at my ceiling, I heard a new voice. I can’t quite remember what it was saying to me. It was different because not only was it androgynous, but it would “sway” back and forth. Does that make sense? Like it was sweeping around me. I caught pieces of it’s conversation, things like “you hear me now, don’t you?” and “it’s coming.”

I feel fine now, though. I have spent the majority of my morning steam cleaning my carpets and slamming coffee down my throat.

Also, I think I’m getting sick.



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