Fellow Bipolar Comrades

Dear person,

I have a question. Perhaps it would be better to log on to a forum, but I’m going to ask anyways.

Do you also have voices?

I was referred to a psychiatrist and I see him on Tuesday. I have quite a tendency to self-diagnose…however, I’m worried that my mental status is moving rapidly to other spectrums.

Any personal stories are welcome.

Thank you,


5 thoughts on “Fellow Bipolar Comrades

  1. dyane says:

    I don’t have voices but I know that many people do! I hope that you like the psychiatrist and it’s helpful – I know you are worried, but try your best to let it go – you WILL be okay! I’m sorry I don’t have personal stories to share about this issue, but I am rooting for you! Let us know how it goes if you feel like it….


  2. scarlybobs says:

    When I’m very manic I get psychotic symptoms, and often hear voices or see things that aren’t there. I have Bipolar.

    Good luck with the psychiatrist appt 🙂


  3. thebittersweettruth94 says:

    All my life (after knowing my dad was schizophrenic) I judged him. Very wrongly. I think it was due to not understanding his illness. Now a year after he died I fear I may have the same illness or one very similar. I don’t hear ‘voices’. But I did as a child. Not the imaginary friend voice like most would suspect. Now, I’m paranoid. Constantly. I can’t control it. And I don’t know if this is just the beginning, or if its an illness I don’t know about. I myself am the self diagnosis type.. I hate going to doctors. I’m afraid they will stick me in the hospital.. At times I wish I did hear voices.. Maybe they would help me understand more. But now I know how wrong I was to judge my father..


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